Join our Crow Museum of Asian Art family!

Your membership helps to ensure that the museum is free for all visitors. Members are the first to know about museum events and happenings and enjoy special benefits such as; discounts on art workshops, parking at the Trammell Crow Center Garage and in our Lotus Shop and much more!

All memberships cover benefits for two adults and children at the same residence, or for one adult and a guest. All benefits at the lower levels float up.


Be The Bridge: Become a Friend of the Crow Museum

Investment $75 ($75 tax deductible)

Benefits include:

  • Free two-hour parking at the Trammell Crow Center in the Arts District
  • Advance announcements of exhibitions, educational programs, and special events
  • Subscription to our museum monthly e-newsletter
  • Discounted tickets to public programs, events, and workshops
  • 10% discount in the Lotus Shop
  • Access to well-being classes

Become a Magnolia Member.

Investment $125 ($100 tax deductible)

Magnolia benefits, PLUS:

  • Subscription to Lotus Lens, our museum magazine
  • Free reciprocal general museum admission for two adults to more than 1,000 museums in North America through NARM
  • Exclusive access to Kids Club events, a family program in partnership with other area museums
  • Invitation to Member Preview receptions

Become a Pearl Member

Investment $250 ($225 tax deductible)

Pearl benefits, PLUS:

  • Recognition on our Crow Museum of Asian Art website
  • Special gift in the Lotus Shop

Become a Bamboo Member

Investment $500 ($455 tax deductible)

Bamboo benefits, PLUS:

  • Recognition on our Crow Museum of Asian Art website and in our Lotus Lens
  • Invitation to one artist, scholar, or curator experience per year

Become a Lotus Circle Member

Investment $1,000 ($955 tax deductible)

Lotus Circle benefits, PLUS:

  • Invitation to one Director’s Circle Event per year

Become a Peony Circle Member

Director’s Circle

Join the Director’s Circle today by becoming a member at the Bronze Circle, Ivory Circle, or the Imperial Circle level. Your annual membership in the Director’s Circle offers you and your family an insider’s experience through exclusive benefits, while providing critical support for the breadth and depth of our extraordinary educational programs. Members enjoy invitations to special events including the annual Director’s Luncheon, private dinners with artists and curators.

Investment $2,500 ($2,455 tax deductible)

Peony Circle benefits, PLUS:

  • Invitations to Executive Director events throughout the year
  • Private tour for up to ten people with our curator or Executive Director
  • Opportunity to rent the museum for private events

Become a Member of the Bronze Circle

Investment $5,000 ($4,955 tax deductible)

Bronze Circle benefits, PLUS:

  • Customized opportunities with the Executive Director

Become a Member of the Ivory Circle

Investment $10,000 ($9,955 tax deductible)

Ivory Circle benefits, PLUS:

  • Onsite recognition

Become a Member of the Imperial Circle

The Crow Museum of Asian Art appreciates the generous support of our Friends! Friends of the Crow Museum receive exclusive benefits such as invitations to members’ preview receptions, free parking in the Dallas Arts District, and discounts at the Lotus Shop. 

Imperial Circle
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Donnell
Mrs. Florence Wiedemann
Ms. Camille Grimes

Ivory Circle
Dr. Loren Glasser and Jill Bee
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Colton
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Crow
Bronze Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Altshuler
Mr. James Mun
Mr. Trammell Crow
Ms. Debbie Dennis
Ms. Mary Margaret Rangel
Peony Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Dilip Raval
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamlett
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. David Petree
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Strick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin March
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Bhargava
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hudspeth
Mr. Ben Fischer and Ms. Laree Hulshoff
Lotus Circle
Dr. Michael Foreman and Ms. Leslie Roden-Foreman
Drs. Glenn and Zannie Voss
Mr. and Mrs. Ka Yeung
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Wick Allison
Mr. and Ms. Clarence Avant
Mr. and Ms. Graham Greene
Mr. Andrew Frechtling and Ms. Candace Faber
Mr. David Gibson and Ms. Chaco Terada
Mr. Michael Crow and Ms. Renie Randall
Mr. Michie Akin and Mr. Gary Olsen
Ms. Kathryn Westbrook
Bamboo Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ku
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Prakash Rao
Dr. Angie Cayton
Dr. Craig Rubin and Dr. Dorothy Sendelbach
Dr. Justin Jaramillo and Dr. LaDonna Saxon
Dr. W Paul Radman
Mr. Alain Bellet and Mrs. Cynthia West-Bellet
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Barsachs
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rohan
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Yamagata
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Papert
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Huffines
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Van Haastrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hofland
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Hoard
Mr. and Ms. Brent Magnuson
Mr. and Ms. Bryan Toler
Mr. and Ms. David Rosenfield
Mr. and Ms. Fred Catterall
Mr. and Ms. Josh Clayton
Mr. and Ms. Michael Mendoza
Mr. and Ms. Scott Tankersley
Mr. Anthony Quinn
Mr. Carlos Nunez and Ms. Aleksandra Morel
Mr. Charles Johnson
Mr. Eric Shaw
Mr. Eric Welgehausen
Mr. Forest Atkins and Ms. Mandy McCracken-Atkins
Mr. George Morton and Ms. Karol Howard
Mr. Greg Watts
Mr. Ira Silverman and Ms. Sally Pian
Mr. Jay Shinn and Mr. Tim Hurst
Mr. John Swords and Mrs. Tara Lewis
Mr. Joseph Lu and Mrs. Linda Kao
Mr. Lucilo Pena and Mr. Lee Cobb
Mr. Mark Kavanagh
Mr. Michael Holmes
Mr. Peter Chen and Dr. Karina Marr
Mr. Ramsey March
Mr. Riyasat Rob
Mr. Robert Moore and Mr. Quan Dang
Mr. Ron Faruqui
Mr. Saurabh Gupta and Mrs. Sapna Punjabi-Gupta
Mr. Stewart Jameson and Ms. Andrea Brashier
Mr. Ted Rowland
Mr. Tim Gingrich and Ms. Ning Ma
Mr. Volkan Otugen and Ms. Patricia Pelehach
Mr. William Stewart and Dr. Sunita Stewart
Mrs. George Shutt
Mrs. Jo Kurth Jagoda
Ms. Alania Givens
Ms. Gay Orczy Barstow
Ms. Isabelle Young
Ms. Joan Doering
Ms. Lisa Streidl
Ms. Michelle Rutherford
Ms. Nancy O’Boyle
Ms. Rena Pederson
Ms. Sally Hansen
Ms. Susan Albritton
Ms. Ting Parachini and Ms. Jennifer Jackson
Ms. Tracy Lucas
Pearl Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Andy Stoker
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Barker
Dr. and Mrs. John Wangermann
Dr. and Mrs. Preeti Jayaseelan
Dr. and Ms. Karl Csaky
Dr. Daren Martin
Dr. Gunjan Kant
Dr. Olaf Stuve and Dr. Cheryl White
Dr. Rick Brettell
Drs. Andrew and Anna Chung
Ke Chau
Kendall Morgan
Korri Kezar
Mr. Ajit Mohekar
Mr. Albret Anthony Starkus and Mrs. Gianna LoScerbo Starkus
Mr. Alexander Sicular and Ms. Alyssa Gruen
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Zaner
Mr. and Mrs. Aneesh Aravind
Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Aberly
Mr. and Mrs. Atul Vohra
Mr. and Mrs. Ben King
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Nicholas Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Irsch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bouguyon
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boeckman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Strimple
Mr. and Mrs. David Guyett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Durante
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Worrall
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pickering
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Youngkin
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. John Herrin
Mr. and Mrs. John Howell
Mr. and Mrs. John Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Giddens
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kutner
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O’Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Larrie Weil
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Marek Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Naeem Ahmad
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smittle
Mr. and Mrs. Pelham Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip John
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Bhandari
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brainerd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Derby
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Fontenot
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Loney
Mr. and Mrs. Shahid Khan
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Macabare
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Nowlin
Mr. and Mrs. William McIntyre
Mr. and Ms. Bill Nelson
Mr. and Ms. Bryan Baker
Mr. and Ms. Greg Shinn
Mr. and Ms. Harry Lynch
Mr. and Ms. Herbert Summers
Mr. and Ms. Jerry Baldridge
Mr. and Ms. Jim Falk
Mr. and Ms. John Karotkin
Mr. and Ms. Keith Flanigan
Mr. and Ms. Mike Riddle
Mr. and Ms. Paul Bonavia
Mr. and Ms. Raul Estrada
Mr. and Ms. Scott Graham
Mr. and Ms. Solomon Israel
Mr. and Ms. Stephen Adams
Mr. and Ms. Thomas Dunning
Mr. and Ms. Tim Rogers
Mr. and Ms. Warren Ernst
Mr. Arnold Wayne Jones
Mr. Brad Underwood
Mr. Buddy Whittenburg
Mr. Charles Briner
Mr. Christopher Wynn
Mr. Daniel Shipley and Ms. Lea Bauman
Mr. David Ewalt and Ms. Pamela Nurenberg
Mr. Don Hodges
Mr. Don La Rue and Dr. Alvin Granowsky
Mr. Doug Podd and Ms. Sally Kittles
Mr. George Lee and Mrs. Tammy Nguyen-Lee
Mr. Hank Rossi and Ms. Phillissa Russell
Mr. Henry Hahn and Mr. Kenneth Klein
Mr. James Jillson
Mr. James Mattingly and Ms. Judith Shure
Mr. James San Filippo
Mr. Jeff Whittington
Mr. Jeson Shzu
Mr. Joe Bartlett
Mr. John Cohn
Mr. Mark Holmgren
Mr. Michael Granberry
Mr. Michael LaValle
Mr. Miguel Baeza and Ms. Nina Melanie Orendain
Mr. Peter Simek
Mr. Philip Nirchi and Mr. Augustine Jalomo
Mr. Ray Jobe
Mr. Rex Thompson and Ms. Roslyn Dawson-Thompson
Mr. Richard Dixon and Ms. Nancy Grason
Mr. Rick Lam
Mr. Satyen Jhaveri
Mr. Scott Potter and Mrs. Cris Jordan
Mr. Stephen Becker
Mr. Stephen Giles and Ms. Clarice Tinsley
Mr. Stuart Crader
Mr. Thomas Wolf and Ms. Brenda Bazan
Mr. Todd Unknown
Mr. Vester Hughes
Mr. Walker Trigg
Mr. Will Cloxton and Ms. Catherine Martin
Mrs. Annadele Ross
Mrs. Catherine Stone
Mrs. Iris Chang
Mrs. Laura Pratt
Mrs. Linda Hrebec
Mrs. Linda Marcus
Mrs. Patsy Kahn
Ms. Alleta Freeman
Ms. Anna Fialho Byers
Ms. Anne Campbell
Ms. Arlene Pollin
Ms. Barbee Barber
Ms. Beth Taylor
Ms. Brooke Storey
Ms. C. Kaye Patton
Ms. Caren Prothro
Ms. Caroline North
Ms. Carolyn Bullard
Ms. Cary Darling
Ms. Catherine Clark
Ms. Charlotte Clifford
Ms. Christina Geyer
Ms. Corina Munsch
Ms. Cynthia Smoot
Ms. Danielle Thornton
Ms. Darleen Dominquez
Ms. Dawn Hensley
Ms. Deanna Sanchez
Ms. Deborah Fleck
Ms. Dee Torbert
Ms. Dorothy Rickey
Ms. Elisa Silverman
Ms. Emilia Flores
Ms. Holly Haber
Ms. Irene Martin
Ms. Jane Rozelle
Ms. Janeil Engelstad and Ms. Pamela Miller
Ms. Jeanne Prejean
Ms. Jennifer Smart
Ms. Kara Gormally
Ms. Kate Chute
Ms. Kimberly Smith
Ms. Kristie Ramirez
Ms. Krys Boyd
Ms. Lynnanne Nguyen
Ms. Marianne Benton Sharp
Ms. Marie Masterson
Ms. Mary Lysaught
Ms. Mary Stanley
Ms. Melanie Ferguson
Ms. Melinda Thomas
Ms. Michelle Mew
Ms. Nan Coulter
Ms. Nancy Britton
Ms. Nancy Ferro
Ms. Patricia Parrish
Ms. Raina Probst
Ms. Sarah Koldyke
Ms. Susan Bowman
Ms. Susan Posnick
Ms. Talley Dunn
Ms. Terri Provencal
Rev. Terry Matthews
Magnolia Circle
Dr. and Mrs. David Whiting
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. James Choi
Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie Dell Price
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kramer
Dr. Deepak Sobti
Dr. Leo M. Crowley
Dr. William Tsutsui and Dr. Marjorie Swann
Drs. Eugene and Janet Merrill
Honorable Tena Callahan
Mr. Alejandro Cuevas Collao
Mr. and Mrs. Adi Gazdar
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Ceazar Costiniano
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pak
Mr. and Mrs. Don Warnecke
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Santos
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Purnell
Mr. and Mrs. George Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. John Szafranski
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Madan Goyal
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kieker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keough
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Salos
Mr. and Mrs. Renan Vasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sachson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Gigli
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jaco
Mr. and Mrs. Tuck Henry
Mr. and Ms. Gary Rife
Mr. and Ms. Kenneth Dauber
Mr. and Ms. Larry Omlor
Mr. and Ms. Mark Birnbaum
Mr. Bruce Pauley and Ms. Jennifer Lassiter
Mr. Dexter Cook
Mr. Gaylon Knox and Mrs. Mignon Mulvey
Mr. James Kenney and Ms. Beverly Vasile
Mr. Jamie Allen
Mr. Kelley Winsor
Mr. Kenneth Driggs
Mr. Kyle Heironimus and Ms. Carlyn Ray
Mr. Larry Johnson
Mr. Lee Gibson
Mr. Marcus Rowan
Mr. Mark Jacobs
Mr. Marty Lumpkin
Mr. Michael Wolfe
Mr. Nami Nafissi
Mr. Paul Tomlinson
Mr. Pramod Vemulapalli and Ms. Neel Gonuguntla
Mr. Ralph Weber
Mr. Robert Agatston
Mr. Robert Middleton
Mr. Stephen Lerer
Mr. Steven Engwall
Mr. Trivikram Dash
Mr. Vishal Chander
Mr. William Taylor
Mrs. Almas Muscatwalla
Mrs. Ann Folz
Mrs. Donna Hanson
Mrs. Gerry Ridgely
Mrs. Julie Croxton
Mrs. Kim Curry
Mrs. Virginia Marsh
Ms. Alejandrina Drew
Ms. Angele Arthur
Ms. Brenda Terry
Ms. Carol Seigler
Ms. Christina Massey
Ms. Claire Dewar
Ms. Constance Vecellio
Ms. Cynthia McMahon
Ms. Deborah Moore
Ms. Elaine Browning-Shoener
Ms. Elizabeth Clark
Ms. Elizabeth Ming
Ms. Emily Atlas
Ms. Gay Fowler
Ms. Harriet Gilman
Ms. Isabelle Francis
Ms. Jane Niemi
Ms. Jennifer Burgin
Ms. Jennifer Wheeler and Ms. Alicia Chang
Ms. Jody Lee and Ms. Jordan Lee
Ms. Juli Elston
Ms. Kathleen Estell
Ms. Kathleen Hanstore
Ms. Kathy Barrett
Ms. Leah Fons
Ms. Leslie Reid
Ms. Linda Zach
Ms. Lisa Wilkins
Ms. Lynn Kaneps
Ms. Lynn Walters
Ms. Lynne Kirk
Ms. Marilyn Galambush
Ms. Mary Cates
Ms. Mary Reeves
Ms. Mary Whiteside
Ms. Michele Pitman
Ms. Nancy Harmon
Ms. Nancy Lemmon
Ms. Nancy Ungerman
Ms. Priscilla Corbett
Ms. Ruth Andres
Ms. Ruth Grant
Ms. Ruth Mintline
Ms. Sally Shaw
Ms. Shama Ali
Ms. Shivran Siddhu
Ms. Whitney Walker

Prof. and Mrs. Paul McCoy

Dr. Angelica Tratter
Dr. Sharman Vesecky
Dr. Stephanie Swales
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anterhaus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buenger
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Weatherford
Mr. and Ms. Stan Katz
Mr. and Ms. Vernon Hogue
Mr. Bradley Neuse and Ms. Erin Toolan
Mr. Brian Cotter and Ms. Karen Romo
Mr. Christopher Kolar
Mr. Don Thompson and Ms. Susan Bethel
Mr. Donta Malone and Ms. Danielle Winston
Mr. Jack Councilman
Mr. Jay Frederick
Mr. Kevin Foresman
Mr. Michael Carr
Mr. Victor Zimmerman
Mr. Zimri Ramos
Mrs. Tamera Jones-Davis
Ms. Amy Schaffner
Ms. Carol Miu
Ms. Charlotte Chambliss
Ms. Gillian Grant
Ms. Holly Kleepbua
Ms. Jennifer Pilon-Shafer
Ms. Joanna Symmonds
Ms. Judy Stone-Nunneley
Ms. Kristina Saar and Mr. Carlos Fierro
Ms. Laura Page Daniels
Ms. Lisa Foresman
Ms. Lisa Mellott and Mr. Robert Richie
Ms. Marcella Shannon
Ms. Maribeth Lipscomb
Ms. Marion Klein
Ms. Marti Moser
Ms. Mary Burkhead
Ms. Patricia Baumann
Ms. Robin Sullens
Ms. Sherry Owens
Ms. Stephanie McPherson
Ms. Valerie Shaw-Caldwell
Prof. Ryan Rynbrandt and Ms. Jessica Kennedy

Updated as of March 9, 2017